Shuo Phoebe Li

Li Shuo Phoebe, born in 2004 and raised in Hong Kong, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Art degree at UCLA. Her artistic endeavors revolve around the exploration of innovative and dynamic art forms, driven by a desire to surpass the limitations imposed by traditional media.

Li Shuo Phoebe's artistic practice centers on the integration of diverse multimedia elements, encompassing installation art, sculpture, performance art, and video. Through this multidisciplinary approach, she seeks to create immersive experiences that transcend conventional boundaries and challenge established norms.

Within her artistic journey, Li Shuo Phoebe perceives her creations as extensions of life itself, embodying tangible traces of introspection and contemplation accumulated throughout her personal odyssey. Her works delve into profound social issues and phenomena, examining intricate relationships between individuals and society, as well as exploring spiritual dimensions. By skillfully combining various mediums, she constructs unique physical and conceptual realms, inviting viewers to engage with the deep-rooted complexities concealed within our contemporary sociocultural context.

Group Exhibition

2024 "Self-Evaluation", 4C Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, United States.#Link‍

2024 La Art Show, MetaU Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, United States.

2024 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, United States.

2024 "Forms and Figures", Biafarin Online Exhibition, Exhibizone, Canada.

2024 "Abstract Exhibition", Covet Gallery,   Los Angeles, CA, United States.

2024 "Seeking Light: Juried On-Site Group Exhibition", The Bright Arts Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, United States. #Link

2024 "Origins", Upside Down, Los Angeles, CA, United States.

Solo Exhibition

2023 Virtual Show, UCLA Little Gallery, Los Angeles, California, United States.


MetaU Art 2023 International Art Competition, 1st Place Winners #‍Link

Undergraduate Research Fellows Program Scholarship, University of California, Los Angeles.

Annual Student Fine Art Show And Student Photo Contest, The Dortort Center for Creativity in the Arts at Hillel at UCLA, 2rd Place Winners


Featured Article, Daily Bruin. #Link

15th edition of Graphite Journal, Almanac, Hammer museum.

Interview Article, The Bright Art Foundation. #Link